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Next step in making meetings set up including catering and needed materials easy and efficient

Pronestor an Established Danish Company with a Global Presence

Since 2001, Pronestor has been providing scheduling solutions simplifying your meeting booking journey. They are privately owned, based just outside Copenhagen and have a worldwide network of trusted partners.

Pronestor solutions include Pronestor Planner, so staff can book meeting rooms and spaces more efficiently; Pronestor Visitor, for the most professional welcome your visitors could possibly receive; and Pronestor Display, showing staff what’s on and where.

Why not download a free trial now? Or contact us and we’ll give you a brief, no-obligation, live demonstration. We can show you how Pronestor delivers measurable savings and streamlines the way your whole organization operates.

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Entrust Datacard / SMS Passcode

Real Time Session Specific Adaptive Multi Factor Authentication & Password Reset Module

SMS Passcode adaptive Multi-factor Authentication has many advantages over traditional two-factor authentication solutions which as the term suggests are simply based on two factors; something you know (username and password), and something you have (a one-time passcode). The SMS Passcode solution looks at multiple factors surrounding each particular login.

These Realtime factors include things such as session ID, network IP and geo-location, number of successful logins, type of system being accessed, time of login, and device being used. All of these factors add context that help determine the level of trust and whether the user should be authenticated or blocked.

Based on contextual intelligence you can define a security policy on authentication and with Password Reset Module ensuring maximum availability of employees.

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